Las Chicas Art Collective

Granada, Nicaragua

A non-profit art community we found on our Nicaragua Vacation

The Organization

Las Chicas is a collective of girls in Nicaragua. They are a non-profit promoting art in underprivelaged kids in Granada!

The Workshop

To raise money for the organization, the girls lead a workshop on how to make rubber stamps. The material is recycled from old flip flops.The first step is using a carving tool to make your design on the stamp.Then paint is applied to the stamp. And a proof is made on a piece of paper. You use a ruler and/or a "press" in order to apply the paint to the paper.Finally, you can use the stamp as many times as you want to make reproductions of your image!

Dropbox Stamp

I just signed a job offer at Dropbox. And to celebrate, I decided to make a Dropbox stamp!

The Shirts

I got into a conversation about how I'm joining Dropbox soon, and together we decided to make a gift for my new teammates - bespoke Dropbox Growth shirts!

Meet Julio

Julio owns a small web development agency in Nicaragua. He uses Dropbox regularly to interact with his clients and loves the product's simplicity.We did a short interview with Juan to learn more of his story.

My Birthday!!!

It was my birthday on the 22nd, and the girls made me a really sweet video!

Get Your Free Shirt

Are you on the Growth Team @ Dropbox? Claim your bespoke limited editor Dropbox shirt now!Each shirt was custom made using my very own Dropbox stamp :)

Get In Touch

If you visit Granada, be sure to check out Las Chicas. Also feel free to get in touch if you'd like to be involved!

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